The Virus Lounge's todo-list



can we get system from tvl?




what about cross?


depending on the use-case, -S0 might not be enough


this will have to be updated regularly, how?



make configurable



Figure out how to get this compiling with the assembly


Do we need this?


replace this with StatusOr


replace this with StatusOr


make these two fields a Hash


Obviously this should go away and be replaced by StatusOr... but


what is fixed?


Make this a function that we call from main rather than... this


Currently, since the RPCStore is only used for the connection to


Replace this with the hash type enum from the daemon proto so we


Remove in favor of std::filesystem::create_directories


Generate a syntax tree here, not a string


Make Source::read return a StatusOr and get rid of this


Make this some sort of pipe so we don't have to store data in


buffer with a timeout so we don't have too many messages


Don't store the full data in memory, instead just


If mode is repair and not trusted, we need to return an


Switch to concrete size type


There has to be a better way to do this - this was ported


Need to launch a server on stdin here - upstream calls


This should not actually take a StorePath, as it's not a


Remove double-negative


Move back to unstable once it is fixed


use String::split_once when that's stable


replace with drain_filter once it's stabilized


agda build is broken in the nixpkgs checkout


make this configurable





add the ability to retry these (sometimes whitby runs out of disk...)


get the log as the message here (the Gerrit


Document why?



postinstall produce shell completions for bash, fish, zsh


convert to string_view to reduce allocations


change ht to an optional





return set of formal arguments for fetch* primops


get rid of Data/../ in path


find a better place for this: is dot time //fun?


implement nix.float and figure out which of these




option to fallback to replacement char instead of failure


maybe also use the :normal behavior in :code except for #\`.


maybe bring back the restart-based system which allowed



Upgrade to a Diesel version with public derive


Figure out why 'want-stream' doesn't work


Deal with multiple strings in single RRDATA


Compression is currently unsupported because the


Configure ldaps://


Find a link to the upstream issue and see if


Implement a way of serving this dynamically


Upstream this derivation if litestream is good.


Configurable commands directory?




some of these values are nonsensical for Nix


Some of these might only be required for native inputs


integration test setup?


docs generation?


A lot of 0-capacity Bindings are allocated.




Who owns this?


Who owns this?


insert range


what is this? commented out because .dump() is gone.


audit this include


remove this - empty pos is never useful


Audit these includes, they were in parser.y


move dupAttr to anonymous namespace


this line used to construct the symbol again:


figure out what the above comment means


get rid of this




Replace with a simpler struct, or get rid of.


Figure out which things use this. AttrSets, ...?


Really, these types need some serious refactoring.






figure out what the fuck this is


Rename all build_log instances to log_sink.




What ... what does this function ... do?


Determine whether this actually needs to be ordered.


Add an Abseil flag for this


absl::StrFormat %.2f




remove this when we've got gRPC




are these types of things supposed to be DEBUG?


Include .path()?


Abseil verbosity flag


Get rid of this and do *something* with those logs.


Thread std::ostream through here, too.


absl::string_view after path functions are fixed.


rename to brainworm_ref or something


use stdlib functions for this stuff


can this be removed?


clang-tidy's performance lints don't like this, but


still needed?


what is this? "obsolete" comment?


Maybe this should be bool, unclear.


Difference from max_build_jobs?


better name?


memoize this lookup


support different branches




Use whatever the XDG state dir thing is for these by


`imenu' functions?


Restructure sections: Intro -> Introspectability (and


Highlight more that it's not about editing: People can


Note that there's value in trying Emacs even if people


Figure out what people should take away from this post.


Inspect status, which looks different in practice


Figure out what's up with vc.


lets not do this particular thing while I


Construct argv manually to avoid quoting issues.


Remove this once the new ACME module works.


Configure LUKS unlocking via SSH instead.






Avoid clone


Accessing array elements constantly is not ideal,


Check for max args count


Add support for specifying lines in a query parameter


This should support pagination.


Implement session support in rouille somehow.