The Virus Lounge's todo-list





what about cross?


depending on the use-case, -S0 might not be enough



enforce these in `#[cfg(debug_assertions)]`


enforce these in `#[cfg(debug_assertions)]`


be conscious of these when roundtripping


track *duplicates* if this occurs


migrate most methods here


move this into CAHash


zstd = "0.13.0"


any retries/error handling whatsoever


factor this out into a separate entry point



make configurable



Actually do the deploy


Figure out how to get this compiling with the assembly


port to brick 1.4 (EventM gains an additional type argument in 1.0)


`trace` should be pluggable and capturable, probably via a method on


use String::split_once when that's stable


replace with drain_filter once it's stabilized


address this properly


agda build is broken in the nixpkgs checkout


replace with stable again once the current julia debacle


use glimpse once it build again


lagging behind yubikey-manager and doesn't support cryptography >= 39


reenable after


enabling this (in the minimal profile) fails the iso build,


should this be based on distance?





add the ability to retry these


get the log as the message here (the Gerrit



this might not be a graceful shutdown of the



upstream this into local-time


use :native t on macOS


make this a warning


make this a warning


allow overriding args to underlying 'library' (e. g. srcs)


clean this up and expose it


improve error messages in such cases


teach readTree to also read symlinked directories,


<*>, lift2, …


is there a way to check reliably if the symlink target exists?


switch to pkgs.josh as soon as that commit is released


disable conditionally cffi for ECL






temporary, ugly measure to make flexi-streams happy


is this necessary? (maybe with (not *lazy-mime-decode*)?)


test correct behavior with END NIL


assert that bytes/flexi-stream




TODO(grfn): patch xanthous to work with random-fu 0.3.*,


this function asumes that we are using SBCL


git-r man page


temporary gc root


flag for selecting binary name




better spans


Think about proper encoding handling here. This needs


tvix_tests should gain support for something similar in the future,


set up NIX_PATH in sandbox


support diffing working directory and home relative paths


get rid of Data/../ in path


find a better place for this: is dot time //fun?


space would be nice, but…


emulate using xref for non-lsp?



we compute ParenStacks twice here


share code with rebuild-system


use /dev/disk/by-id ?


resisort, klammeraffe, cl-ca, ponify, tinyrl


take website from store, replace /tmp with a simple LRU thing




disable watchdog via carpet


regular backups of carpet world


irc notifications (?)


nicer messages for various errors signaled?


avoid rewriting if nothing was updated


clean up deleted things


atom feed


check type and only resolve images, raise error


think of a better name for unapply


option to fallback to replacement char instead of failure


support cargoVendorDir?


maybe also use the :normal behavior in :code except for #\`.



automate if tf-yandex gains support for captcha resources


needs provider update


pass `ip` parameter


language knowledge selector */}


Can this one be removed somehow?


Upgrade to a Diesel version with public derive


Figure out why 'want-stream' doesn't work


Deal with multiple strings in single RRDATA


Compression is currently unsupported because the


Fail/warn if unknown phase is requested.


Refactor when configurable phases show up.


Use SCHEDULED status once we have upgraded Gerrit


Figure out what to do with //ops/dns for this. I'd


Configure GitLab IDP


Update Gerrit and remove this when possible.


Figure out what changed in the protocol.


run embedded DERP server


Configure ldaps://


Implement a way of serving this dynamically


Upstream to nixpkgs once it works well.


Add an assert for this somewhere so we notice it on


memoize this lookup


support different branches


Use whatever the XDG state dir thing is for these by


`imenu' functions?


No hash-table type in customization.el?


replace lexical-let* with non-deprecated alternative


Refactor this to make the


Persist intermediate results (references for each


These redirects are currently served as 301s, but


Don't link /usr/bin/env if coreutils is not included.


add a test in //tvix/eval that covers this


not actually sure which semantics apply here


tvix does not currently persist function


Consider making this branch live by


make this return a string directly instead


placeholder implementation while waiting for


probably better to emit span for the ident that caused this


unsure what these variants are, lets crash!


probably panics in wasm?


verify these rules in the C++ impl, seems fishy.


there are cases where coerce_to_string does not import


are the outPaths really required,


is this branch still live with the current with-thunking?


Restructure sections: Intro -> Introspectability (and


Highlight more that it's not about editing: People can


Note that there's value in trying Emacs even if people


Figure out what people should take away from this post.


what is this?


how is this *supposed* to work?!


uncomment when telega works again


Construct argv manually to avoid quoting issues.


Configure LUKS unlocking via SSH instead.






this option has been removed and needs to be replaced


This should actually be set per monitor, but I


Why did I add this originally?


Avoid clone


*return* err


Accessing array elements constantly is not ideal,


Check for max args count




per link?


Add support for specifying lines in a query parameter


This should support pagination.


Implement session support in rouille somehow.




Figure out actual displayName mapping in tokens.


Extract from post info



We should ensure that /login shows in the URL


Consider supporting breakpoints, but for now


Handle failed CONSTRAINTs instead of sending 500s


Prefer function in Trips module that does this in a


Properly handle NULL for columns like profilePicture.


Prefer Data.ByteString instead of Text




This doesn't build at all.


broken in nixpkgs as of 2023-10-04


Debug this failing build.


See if it's possible to expose emacsclient on PATH, so that I


Explain why the trailing ":" is needed.


Support this with base.overrideAttrs or something similar.


Supoprt this.


Drop hardcoding when whoami behaves as expected.


Support expanding these paths to allow the consumer to


Support the workflow outlined in these docs.


Consider replacing this module with this fork (if NixOS



Support default AND conjuctions when they're undefined.


Use safer interpolation variant of "?" here and throughout.


Trap exits and ensure cleanup always runs.


Consider re-architecting the parser to avoid smells like


Consider generating a random string for the state when the


Consider adding a more human readable version that will


Support retries with exponential backoff.


Considering panicking here.


Ensure that this returns serialized state.


Support more sophisticated parsing than just string


Forward STDERR and STDOUT.


Properly handle errors for file not found.


Properly handle errors for parse failures.


How can we resolve the $HOME directory when this is run as


This doesn't build at all.


Prefer datetime type here.


Need to run `yarn install` somehow.


Need to run `npx tailwindcss build styles.css -o output.css`.


Cache these locally -->